art and design were studied by jean Royle

Walnut Tree

circa 1950s, oil on board 16" X 12"

Art was the motivating factor in Jean Royle’s life. She made this oil painting of the walnut tree in her back garden in the1950s and it is another example of the artist’s mastery in the depiction of trees. It shows a shady spot and the painting’s tones are low key to illustrate this.  However, there is plenty of colour in the foliage with its glowing reds and warm, earthy greens, and there are subtle suggestions of greyish mauve and green on the trunk.  A path of trodden earth in rich, dark brown rounds the left side of the tree, fringed with shrubs and the same kind of lush greenery that the tree rises out of.   These features lead the eye away into the undergrowth beyond in this quiet painting. The venue for this subject was the solitary Marsh Cottage at Stoke Ash,  set amidst Suffolk marshland. There was a well at the front of the house and only one tap within – and no electricity!