North Nottinghamshire Snow Scene

circa 1980s, oil on canvas board 16" X 12"

Moorgreen in Nottinghamshire in the 1980s is the subject in this painting  of the snowy countryside by Jean Royle.  It is one of three snow studies that she made of the north Nottinghamshire locality in which she lived.  The pristine snow lightly reflects the muted warm glow of the sky beneath the variable grey of the large area of ominous cloud, and there is a subtle, soft, narrow, bluish line of land in the distance above the woods. These cross almost the full width of the picture, making a lively contrast of warm against cool.  The cloud is also echoed in a faint reflection on the snow along the dipping ground beside the hedge, with its two stark trees rising on the right of the scene.  

This countryside,  in the locality of Moorgreen, was one of her favourite areas both for walking and painting as it offered open fields edged with copses and individual trees to study.  An oil sketch on board showing this same scene in summer is shown below with a pencil sketch.