Nature was important to Jean Royle

North Lodge View – Snowless

circa 1960s, gouache on paper 21" x 15"

Jean Royle produced a series of five landscape paintings as viewed from the window of her home at Newstead Abbey Park, Nottinghamshire during the mid 1960s. Nature and the natural world interested her. She was employed as gatekeeper by the estate and sold  tickets to visitors to the Abbey and its grounds, the one-time home of Lord Byron, so  whilst painting she was also watching out for visitors. 

In this, her third version of this subject she has used gouache to depict the colourful nature of the winter landscape without snow.  The sky is more sombre than in her painting, North Lodge – Snow and Blue Skies, and expresses the slightly more limited tonal range of a scene devoid of the light effects of snow. Yet there is a liveliness in the contrasting pale, warm grasses and the coolness of the trees, sky, fence and other features. Here again similarities are evident in David Hockney’s 21st century landscapes. See thumbnail below.

David Hockney