Fauvist style landscape

Burnt Stump Hill

circa 1990s, oil on canvas board 16" X 12"

Jean Royle made this painting of the Nottinghamshire landscape with a tree in the foreground in the  late 1980s.  This lively painting is somewhat Fauvist in style, with a riot of yellow corn and a foreground of bright green, blue and orange bursting forth, the crooked fence and shrubs adding interest.  The tree is in full summer leaf, with strong, clear greens vigorously applied in bold brushstrokes.  The background is a series of abstract shapes with the suggestion of distant buildings on the horizon.  A preliminary pencil sketch is shown below from which we can see her  colour notations indicating that some of this painting was worked on when away from the actual subject. The tree is particularly strongly drawn and structurally  understood, but it is the pattern qualities of the rather haphazard fencing over which the tree looms which draw the eye.