The Uxbridge Canal

1934, watercolour on paper 12" X 9 ½”

During her sojourn in London from 1934 – 35 Jean Royle made this watercolour painting of the canal at Uxbridge. The stylised approach suggests the influence of Paul Nash – see thumbnail below. The condition of this watercolour on paper indicates some rough usage over the years. It is one of the few paintings from her youth to have survived.  The simplified forms of the leafless trees, and the reduction of their setting to basic shapes of near abstraction, are indicative of the influence of Paul Nash, whose work she would have become familiar with during this period.  The design qualities of Nash’s works makes them among some of the most inspiring of the time, and this painting of the Uxbridge Canal uses a similar feature of curving  contour lines for land and water to the treatment of topography typical of the style of Nash.


Paul Nash circa 1930s