Letter from Peggy Freeman

Dear Lucy

Thankyou for your letter. The prints of Jean’s work are lovely. When I knew her I had no idea she was an artist. Everything in that direction was on her father’s name and reputation.

About the first day of the Second World War. I remember the walk up Mam Tor vividly in my mind’s eye.

We were a very small group led by someone called Chris (I don’t remember his surname) but he was the leader of the Settlement rambling group. Jean and Stanley, Ralph and Joan and Peter and myself are the only ones I remember

On the way down from Mam Tor we stopped near a farm and when we saw they sold tea or coffee, we stopped and had our sandwiches there. That is how we heard the 1 o’clock news which announced the German invasion of Poland and our Prime Minister’s declaration of war.

It was the beginning of September and the weather was perfect. So perfect that as we continued our walk after lunch we came upon a large pond and decided to have a swim. None of us had swim suits so we all jumped in naked. We all had a good laugh and the males and females kept to their own side of the pond being a bit shy and self concious.

That is all I remember.

Love Peggy