Woods in Snow

Jean Royle created this Christmas card design in the mid 1980s. This original design  measures 7½” x 4¾” and was made as a lino print in which the block for the trees was printed twice across both the front and back of the card which was then folded down the middle.  With this devise an extended image was  printed over a carefully considered previously hand painted background using white paper. By this simple method Jean has conveyed a winter evening sky contrasted against the snow covered ground with the black trunks of the silhouetted copse dramatically in the foreground to create a design full of the atmosphere of lonely woods on a winter evening. Her depth of knowledge and experience in landscape painting and composition enabled her to create this seemingly simplistic design. In places she has also hand painted in some horizontal branches. Preliminary sketches in pencil and pastel are taken from Jean’s sketchbook and shown below.